Ceramics sculpted by Tara Manbeck are shown at the Epicenter showcase in the Swift Gallery. MADELYN SMITH/ THE SNAPPER

Whitney Walmer
Arts & Culture Editor

While I am sure that many of you are familiar with how the Arts and Culture section works, we are starting something new: Artist of the Week. For this week, our first Artist of the Week is  Millersville senior Tara Manbeck, whose works are featured in the Swift Gallery until Nov. 11. Manbeck shares more about her creative side and the steps taken in preparation for the expo.

Q: What is your major? What is your favorite medium to work with?

A: “I’m dual majoring in Art Education and Fine Arts. My favorite medium to work with is ceramics.”

Q: What inspired you to study art and what is your favorite part about studying art? 

A: “I was inspired to study art based on my interest in gaining more knowledge in the medium. My favorite part of studying art would have to be the ability to try new techniques. Studying an art form requires you to learn and try all new techniques within the medium. Taking studio classes provides you resources to go out of your comfort zone and try all those new techniques and materials.”

Q: How did you go about getting the opportunity to have your work in the expo?

A: “As a BFA major, students are required to have a senior show. Although it’s a requirement, it’s a really great opportunity for artists to get experience in showing their work in a gallery setting.”

Q: What was the process for making the pieces for the expo? How long did it take to have your work done?

A: “The process for making my pieces started with my concept. Once I figured out the concept behind my show, I made a list of pieces that I wanted to produce. I took the next seven weeks producing that work. I am primarily a wheel-thrower which means that I rely on a wheel to make my work. After the work is thrown on the wheel, it’s dried and fired in a kiln (an oven for clay). After all my work was bisqued, I spent about a week glazing my pieces (which is the colored finish on ceramic work) and fired them for the final time. During production, I was also making the glazes that I used on my work. The week before my exhibition I decided on which pieces I wanted to include in my show and gathered props for the display.”

Q: What is your favorite piece that is featured in the expo?

A: “My favorite pieces from the exhibition would have to be my ice cream bowls. I really enjoyed making those from start to finish and am excited with the new glazes that I used on the inside and outside. 

        Q: Are there any artists that you admire? What is it that you like about their work and

 what medium do they primarily use?

A: “I really admire Callahan from Callahan Co. The company’s ceramic work is really simple yet strong and they prioritize ergonomics which it’s an important aspect of functional ceramics.”