Kaitlyn Leister
Staff Writer

The opening night of “Carrie: The Musical” was a smashing success! A wonderful performance done by the wonderful cast and crew of the theater program. A special thanks is in order, as the Snapper’s very own Katelyn Auty and Madelyn Smith were given special thanks in the production program for working on an article about the production, which was printed in the last edition.

This musical follows the popular story by Stephen King, Carrie White is the outcast of her school being raised by her overly-religious mother, and finds she has telekinesis. Prom is coming and Sue Snell, feeling guilt after tormenting Carrie, has her boyfriend Tommy Ross invite the outcast to prom. The night of prom is almost perfect for Carrie, but soon enough everything of this coming of age story turns quite dark.

Opening night was something entirely unexpected and was a great show to watch, waiting to see how scenes from the book or many movie adaptations would be portrayed on stage. The songs were all well executed, especially the opening number “In,” which has been on repeat in my playlist all week. Frankly all of them have been, and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Anya Ditzler as Carrie played the shy misunderstood outcast of Chamberlain, Maine, turning into a force of nature at the ending climax so beautifully. Chills were felt when Abigail Valerio was on stage as the terrifying Margaret White, perfectly executing the overbearing religious mother. Kat Thorpe and Ryan Slusky played the lovers of Sue Snell and Tommy Ross, one could see sparks between them in the scenes. Allie Lockhart and Michael Klitsch played the polar opposite couple of Chris Hargenson and Billy Nolan so well, making a believable villainous couple. The rest of the ensemble of Francesca Calautti, Nathaniel James Hawley II, Cassie Boesenhofer, Ashley Calderon, Nina Boanno, Christian Arcarese, TJ Faulkner and Calvin Butler II all played their part as students and faculty so well, creating great emersion for the audience.

When talking about the show with others, many question how a horror novel can be turned into a musical. Though with this production of the adaptation, it has been done so well, making me laugh and cry during scenes. May the next musical production Millersville presents be as great as this one was.