Ethan Poetic poses for a picture in front of the backdrop for his book signing. PHOTO COURTESY OF ETHAN A. POETIC

Shaun Lucas

With Millersville University close to reaching Spring Break, The Snapper wishes to cover a few Millersville related stories regarding the campus’ resources. Here are some important developments to read up on before everyone heads home for break.

Made in Millersville deadline approaching

Made in Millersville (MiM), the campus’ annual conference, is set for April 11, 2023. Applications for this year’s Made in Millersville conference will be accepted until March 3. The conference provides a professional opportunity where students can present academic and creative projects, alongside featuring the work in the adjacent MiM journal. 

Beginning in 2014, the conference allows for students of all majors to display projects of numerous mediums and topics, including posters, oral presentations, panels for group presenters, performances, exhibits, and demonstrations. Students and other Millersville University community members may attend the event, granting participants experience presenting in front of an audience.

“Sharing ideas with peers can help you make connections across campus, learn more about research happening in different disciplines, or even inspire your next project,” the MiM website says. “Whether you are giving a presentation, explaining your poster, or describing your art, you will learn how to speak professionally and confidently about your work to audiences with a wide range of education and expertise.”

MiM will be held online and in-person from 8:00 a.m.-5 p.m. Live presentations and prerecorded presentations will be archived on MU Video.

To apply, students should visit, where they can describe their projects, preferred means of presentation, and preferred time for presenting. Students looking to also publish a written supplement of their work must note as much on their application, with the expectation being a piece 2-3 pages in length.

Students receive grant for sexual violence awareness on campus

This year, Millersville receives its seventh-annual grant donation from the Governor Wolf administration’s “It’s On Us PA” campaign, a set of programs dedicated towards raising awareness of sexual assault on college campus. The $60,000 individual grant, totalling to around $1 million across 36 postsecondary institutions across Pennsylvania, will aid Millersville University in reinforcing its Title IX guidelines and bringing in instructive materials and sessions to students.

The national “It’s On Us” movement began in 2014 with the Obama-Biden administration, aiming to end sexual violence on college campuses and other organizations. Students and staff of any university in the United States are encouraged to “take the pledge,” agreeing to abide by the four following components listed on the movement’s website: to recognize that non-consensual sex is sexual assault, to identify situations in which sexual assault may occur, to intervene in situations where consent has not or cannot be given, and to create an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported. Over 300,000 have taken the pledge through their website.

“We are dedicated to building a team of dedicated individuals who promote sexual misconduct awareness and use bystander intervention strategies to promote a culture of respect on our campus,” Millersville’s website says. “Our team will be visible throughout campus by tabling and hosting events around the topics of sexual misconduct.”

Students facing troubles regarding sexual violence are encouraged to seek on-campus counciling through the Center for Counseling and Human Developement by calling 717-871-7821, as well as Health Services through calling 717-871-5250. Students may also contact the Title IX Coordinator at 717-871-4100 for further assistance. 

Alumnus holds book signing for autobiography

On February 3, Millersville University alumnus Ethan Poetic held an autobiography signing event at the Student Memorial Center. Poetic’s book “The Inspirational Story of Ethan A. Poetic: Chronicles of Adversities, Education, Sports, Relationships, and Resiliency” covers his experiences, such as recovering from a near-fatal automobile accident and his experiences at Millersville University.

“Being back at Millersville University as a proud Alumni is a home away from home,” Poetic said. “I came back on the campus as a self-published author with a breath of fresh air. Once my self-published book was ready for print on demand and global distribution, I knew I had to do a book signing event at Millersville University on a priority level.”

The signing at Millersville was one of three recent signing events, one being held at the nth Innovation Center in Coatesville, Pa. and the Way of Jesus Academy in Hershey, Pa. The off campus events featured speeches from Poetic, while the Millersville event focused on Poetic tabling and selling signed books.

“I’m very thankful to the Student Memorial Center staff and Julie Herr, the Textbook Manager,” Poetic said. “They helped me with the table setup, using the dolly for my books inside the boxes, chairs, and the space.”

Poetic described satisfaction with the events’ turnouts, but also stated, “what truly matters is I made the event happen, make history, left my mark, and focus on what I can control with my responsibilities.”

To continue advertising the book, Poetic plans to hold additional signing events at churches, college universities, public schools, private schools, and other organizations’ venues. Poetic is recording an audio version of his book, as well as planning to create multimedia projects about his story, such as a documentary. 

“I must keep growing more by doing new things,” Poetic said. “This does require me being open to stepping outside my comfort zone to create more for my legacy and be fully engaged in turning my future plans into reality. The youth will see themselves in me as I see myself in them.”

Poetic’s book is available through Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, with the audiobook variant expected for spring 2023.