Morgan Huber
Managing Editor

Millersville University’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced last week that they will not be accepting new organizations for the remainder of the semester. 

The surprise announcement came last Wednesday through a post on the SGA Instagram page, which also declared that existing temporary organizations may not apply for permanent status until Oct. 1. 

The Organizations Committee of SGA made the decision at their meeting on Tuesday, March 21, citing financial and operational concerns as factors for postponing the acceptance of new and permanent clubs and organizations through September.

“One reason for this decision is that we are unaware of what will happen to the student activity fee,” explains Ethan Demler, SGA’s Director of Organizations. “Speculation around that seems as if it may stay stagnant, in the case of it decreasing we do not get the funds that we need to support continuously starting organizations on Campus. The other reason is that we have seen a decrease in student enrollment in the last few years. With both of these factors playing off each other, it leads to a smaller student body and a lower amount of money to support the organizations we have.”

As of the publication of this article, approximately 50 clubs and organizations remain on temporary status, while an undetermined number of prospective or unrecognized clubs also exist on campus. Representatives of SGA reassure that those clubs and organizations that have already attained permanent status on campus will not be affected. 

Demler recommends that members and leaders of existing organizations remain strong and continue meeting in spite of this recent motion. While the status of the student activity fee remains uncertain, clubs may host fundraisers or keep their budget in mind when organizing activities for the remainder of the semester. 

“This is definitely not the decision that the Organizations committee wanted to make,” Demler reassures. “This is not based upon lack of organizations, or anything having to do with current orgs, but rather ongoing financial unknowns that if poorly addressed and unprepared for, could put us into a worse position. This is a temporary moratorium that gives us time to further make safe choices for the student body.”

Members of the community wishing to ask questions or address concerns may do so by emailing Demler at or by submitting concerns at any of the SGA boxes around campus.