Without a longer period between the waiver and bill, students have no choice but to live in the dorms on campus. PHOTO COURTESY OF MILLERSVILLE UNIVERSITY

Kaitlyn Leister
Staff Writer

Students of Millersville University executed a protest on Nov. 16, 2022 in regards to Student Lodging having announced that the 30-59 credit waivers for off-campus housing will be released on July 15, only four days before the fall semester bill will be released. 

The event was hosted by Millersville’s SGA. The crowd walked around the quad area of the dormitories and then made their way to Biemesderfer. They wanted to let the student body to know that they were supported and wanting to make a change. 

The event was live streamed, and some might have caught the event on social media. Chants of “Student Voices Matter!” “No Waivers, No silence!” and “What matters, student voices!” were heard around campus.

The group talked to Dr. Williams and Tom Richardson that morning, and were told that the policy would be looked over by the president and Board of Trustees.

When asked, SGA president Lindsay Griffiths had this to say, “We will not be quiet until there’s a change. We are for the students and with the students; what they want and need is what we want and need.”

When Student Lodging was asked how they felt about the student protest, they sympathized with the student body. “We also see such events causing straining of student relationships as well as challenges for those needing Summer courses and working over the Summer” said a Student Lodging employee. Student Lodging wishes for students to have a positive experience with their time in off-campus housing, and not be hurt financially or socially. 

It is unsure at the time what will occur with the waivers in the future.