It is time to spread the love this Fall season! SHAUN LUCAS / SNAPPER

Tyresha Vaughan-Blanding
Opinion Editor

Fall is finally here! Here are some recommenda-
tion for date night ideas with your boo this season.

Number one on my list is a pumpkin patch pick-
ing. Basically you would go to a pumpkin patch

nearest you an ay the fee to pick a pumpkin dessed
it in order to carve out the face. Or you can do it
yourself and just buy your own pumpkin.
Second date idea haunted houses ! Haunted
houses are fun and full od thrill. I dont know how
well the scary someone so that they will fall into
your arms work but you could always give it a try. If
it doesnt go well remember you did it at your own
risk it was just a suggestion so dont come looking

for me.
Thirdly Front Porch if you are driving off campus
it is only about three to five minutes away. It gives
off a green cozy sustainable atospher great for small
interactions , self care dates , or a nice place to catch
up with friend or lover.
Fouth date idea thrifting together with a twist.

What will happen is you’ll pick a thrifting store clos-
est to you or your choice. Take your partner and take

turns having you and your partner pick out items of
clothing with their eyes closed and whenever the
other says stop wherever the hand is, is the article
that will be used to build the outfit, It could be a

great stress reliever , low budget , and fun to see
what unique outfits you both end up with.
Another great date night that is inexpensive can
be movie night make a blanket fort , pop-pop your
own popcorn at home and use the movie section on

your favorite service such as Netflix , Hulu , Pea-
cock any of your choice. This is a great way to enjoy

someone’s time while enjooying the person as well.
Here are my top five date night ideas that you can
do with yourself , friends , or significant other. They
can all be fun and interactive while still getting to

enjoy others and create memories. Spend the sea-
son going on dates with your boo making memories