Models pose for a photo shoot in signature Breadwinnersinc97 gear. PHOTO COURTESY OF AUBREA THOMPSON

Tyresha Vaughan-Blanding
Opinion Editor

Fall is one of my favorite seasons for fashion. There are so many warm colors and accessories to choose from. Here are my top five choices every fall that are not expensive and you can get the most out of. 

Coming in at number one is windbreakers! They have the structure of a jacket but as lightweight as a raincoat. They come with or without hoodies and come in a variety of colors to choose from. The windbreaker works for anybody: that one friend that thinks only the color black exists and that other friend that loves every color there possibly is and who doesn’t like range and variety? 

At number two is a good flannel! A flannel is multi-talented if you could use it as just a shirt itself. You can layer it with a shirt underneath or over top of a hoodie. You can even wrap it across your waist to bring an outfit together or create a statement piece to bring color to a dull color palette. Flannels you can find almost anywhere in the range from five to twenty-five dollars. A great affordable piece that can really take your wardrobe up a notch without breaking your pockets. 

Number three a pair of boots that range from the colors black, brown, or white. Black and white can go with anything but they both give off a different aesthetic depending on what colors they are paired with. Brown boots always look great with warm colors like reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and browns. A basic color boot can add dimensions to your outfit and inches to your height.

Number four probably should’ve been higher, but it is what it is, a beanie can seal a look and since we live in Pennsylvania the winters are harsh you want something that is fashionable 

but still able to provide your head and ears warmth in the midst. Beanies are also great for if you don’t feel like doing your hair or if you are in a rush like most college students are but hate being cold. 

Making number five is sweatsuits. No, not just the individual hoodie or sweatpants but both. Therefore, if you buy sweat suits together most websites and/or stores will give you a promo code. You will also have more items to mix and match with versus just having one or the other you can now make the hoodie pair with your favorite warm jeans beanie and boots while your sweatpants with a long sleeve and sneakers you get two items for the price of one. Also, you always have the option to wear the sweatsuit together when you don’t feel like putting any thought into your outfit. A great example would be testing days or finals. It’s one less thing you must stress about. 

These are my top five fall fashion takes. Let me know what your five are or if I missed any that you felt should’ve been included.