The McNairy Library, one of the most recognizable buildings on Millersville’s campus, sits idle in the evening. PHOTO COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Tyresha Vaughan-Blanding
Opinion Editor

Let’s start with addressing the elephant in the room. As someone who gives Millersville their hard-earned money, because knowledge is power and higher education was shoved down my throat at such a young age, I thought I would have gotten a great return on my investment. I was wrong. 

It seems to me that Millersville doesn’t care about their student body at all. To them, we are numbers and analytics that keeps this business afloat, all though we oftentimes aren’t considered or thought about in the decision-making process of the university we’re supposed to call home until we’re called upon to graduate. 

For example, the one free parking lot closest to campus that Millersville students had access to is being taken away. My question is, what about the percentage that doesn’t live on campus and only has one or two classes? Where are they supposed to park? And before you think to yourself “why won’t they just buy a parking pass,” consider that even with a parking pass, parking on this campus is limited. Instead of finding a solution to this on-going problem, it made it a bigger problem.

Another issue I would like to address about Millersville University is their lack of regard for student safety to the point that there is a @metoo_mu Instagram page. Recently, there was even a town hall meeting about protestors that consistently come back to campus screaming hate speech of obscenities at students that are here to get an education. When will the students be a priority instead of an afterthought? Especially given that the university was well aware that protestors were coming on that specific day. Where was the “send email” button for the rest of the campus to be aware and at least prevent their day being ruined? You don’t have an answer and neither do I. 

While I’m on my soapbox, let’s address the technology fee that is included in many other fees on Millersville’s campus. If I had a dollar for every time I have gone to a computer lab on this campus and either the printer or one of the computers didn’t work, I would be able to pay tuition back. I strongly feel that if the technology that we pay to use barely works, the fee should be reduced or simply not exist. That money could go to another category, such as meal plans or housing. 

Overall, this is just a few of my issues with the university. You would think they would care more about the students that keep them in business and keep this campus afloat. Without the student body, this campus doesn’t run. Students put in a lot of time, energy, and money just to be disregarded, ignored, and undermined.