Downtown Lancaster holds numerous events celebrating the arts. PHOTO COURTESY OF RANDOLP CARNEY

Tyresha Vaughan-Blanding
Opinion Editor

On Sep 2, 2022, the 5th Annual Print Crawl was held in the downtown of Lancaster, PA from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. This is an event for anyone that enjoys art, printing of some sort, and design, or anyone that wants something new to try. I would suggest getting there about ten to fifteen minutes early if you are driving. If not, Millersville has a bus that runs downtown, all that’s needed is a student ID. 

Before participants arrive at the first station, if any form of student ID is provided, a poster that originally costs five dollars is free. In this year’s print crawl, there was a series of eight stations scattered throughout downtown. The starting point was Typothecary Letterpress, where participants could either show that they pre-registered or show their student ID. The first two stations were in the same building as the starting point, then the rest were scattered. 

Before participating in this event, I would suggest having a charged phone, a water bottle, and cash on hand, in case you see anything at the local stores that you might want to purchase. The eight local businesses that participated this year were Steadfast Screen-Printing Co., Force Pkg, Heritage Press Museum, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Foxduck, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, Typothecary Letterpress and A Day In The Life Records. 

Across all eight local businesses, participants would stop and participate in an activity such as screen-printing, machine cutting, stamps, stickers and so much more. After they go to all the stops on the map given, they end up with a poster of that year’s themed design as a keepsake and souvenir. All in all, it’s great to experience, even if you only participate in it once, it’s one experience you won’t forget.In the process of learning and engaging in new activities, you get to network with people that choose their passion as a career vs a traditional nine to five.