The Campus Life staff and volunteers dance on stage in a lip sync. KAT DELANEY / SNAPPER

Tyresha Vaughan-Blanding
Opinion Editor

On Oct. 17, 2022, Millersville University hosted their annual Pridefest with a plethora of activities, stations, and free food. There were activities such as stuffing a rainbow, spray on tattoos, and decorating cupcakes. The food vendors offered lemonade, iced coffee, tacos, and various grilled cheese flavors. You might have shown up hungry, but you did not leave hungry whatsoever. This is what got the party started, but we all know what kept it going was the Drag Show. 

About half an hour before the drag show, there was a line from the Multiple Purpose Room, known on campus as the MPR, passing the Galley. Let’s just say even if Pridefest happened to be a flop, the Drag Show would not be. This year, our host for the show was Nevaeha Le’Vixenn, who is no stranger to Millersville University. She has a personality that takes up space and commands attention, gets the crowd involved and she is always excited to be here. To host and still give a performance for the show itself, she truly has some stamina. I’m tired after walking up flights of steps. 

Another performance was from DeJa Skye, who was on season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I will never understand how death drops and flexibility work, but she surely made it look easy all night long. Also, the coordination you must have to dance and lip sync at the same time is admirable. I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. 

Another performer was Rosé, who appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13. I can see exactly why she didn’t win. Overall, she was a solid performer and had moments where she caught the crowd’s attention, but as far as it being kept through the whole performance, that truly didn’t happen for me. Maybe it is one of those things that’ll get better with time. 

There was a special guest performer, Majestee, who knew exactly all the elements to get the crowd’s attention and keep it. She kept her stamina and footing while giving a sexy teasing number and involving the crowd. She earned her title as special guest because she stood out amongst the rest of the performers. 

However, my absolute favorite two parts of the drag show were the students who were handpicked from the crowd to participate in a lip sync battle. There was one student who simply ate the girls up. He did not come to play and left no crumbs. He blew the competition out the water by far. He may need to go audition for the next season of Drag Race and give them some competition. 

My second favorite part was the staff competition that took place on stage. Neilan Cruz, who is running for Homecoming Royalty, first appeared shy but took stage front and center and let her coworkers know that the cheerleading skills she acquired while attending Millersville University definitely paid off. She let them know she is the one and the two and the competitive streak will always kick in. 

In conclusion, Pridefest is always a great time to enjoy community, activity, and free food. The drag show will always be the highlight of the night, making a safe space for all students, faculty, and staff, even if only for one night. Giving my flowers to all the people, organizations, and effort that goes into making this event happen annually so effortlessly.