Celebrity Lori Harvey walks the red carpet. PHOTO COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Tyresha Vaughan-Blanding
Opinion Editor

We should all be dating like Lori Harvey. Who is Lori Harvey you ask? She is the stepchild of comedian and television show host Steve Harvey. The way that Lori has been able to cultivate think pieces about who she chooses to date across all forms of media is astonishing. As a twenty something year old African American woman, I think the internet is a bit harsh when it comes to her dating life being pulled into the limelight so often. She dated the likes of the rapper Future, who is known for his toxic lyrics and player persona, as well as Michael B Jordan, Hollywood’s movie heart throb with the boy next door personality. She gets slut shamed quite frequently. Would her dating life even be in question if she wasn’t dating rich men in the public eye? 

I see no shame in her game, and I don’t think leaving relationships that no longer suit your wants or needs makes you a whore, a slut, or less than anyone. It means you’re mature enough to recognize when something no longer serves you and exercise your rights to leave at your free will. 

This is how we all should be dating, with logic and intention that you aren’t in a relationship longer than needed. You don’t have to resent people from your past, and you should understand what you are and are not willing to put up with. 

In all honesty, dating is supposed to be fun. It should be about learning about yourself and enjoying the other person for as long as that may look like, which could be two weeks or two years. 

When dating you should explore your options as well, as humans we mostly fall for potential and not the actuality. Some people are meant to just enjoy and have fun with. Others are worth a lifetime but how do you figure that out if you don’t explore your options? 

All in all, I think Lori Harvey sets a great example as far as enjoying dating. When it’s time to let go of people, do that and don’t feel guilty about it. Have fun dating because that’s what it’s supposed to be, not a lifelong death sentence where yourself and your happiness goes to die. If you’re ever wondering if you’re doing this dating thing right, take a note or two out of Lori Harvey’s handbook.