A woman gives a kiss on the cheek to her daughter. PHOTO COURTESY OF PIXABAY

Tyresha Vaughan-Blanding
Opinion Editor

Women are more than child-bearers and wives. They are more than accessories to their male counterparts and aren’t meant for only being put on display when it is convenient. The women that are in your life that continuously makes an impact on it for the better should be celebrated everyday with intention. Women are the multi talented multitaskers that display great strengths in all the roles they never get credit for. The hard work and dedication to the things that you love and put care into doesn’t fall on blind eyes. So, this is me giving them the flowers that they deserve. 

This is a love letter to all women around the world that know the struggles and triumphs it takes to exist every day in this world; In a world that tries to silence, intimidate, and belittle you for simply being you. Here in this moment, you are appreciated. The hard work and dedication that you put into your everyday life doesn’t go unnoticed. You are more than a nurturer, more than a companion, more than your friend groups’ therapist, more than a statistic at work. 

All the expectations that society has placed on you since birth isn’t fair nor realistic. This is a safe space to respectfully step away and strip yourself of all roles and titles. Just bask in the glory of appreciating the woman you are right now and all the endless possibilities of the future woman you will be proud of. 

For centuries, women continue to be behind the scenes driving forces of almost everything you see today. Women are superheroes. They make the impossible possible. Women are the only people that can turn nothing into something, a house into a home, ingredients into a meal, hard truth into therapy sessions, and arms into warm hugs backed by concern and affection. If that isn’t a superhero, then I truly don’t know what it is. If no one has told you to continue blazing the trail, inspiring others with your wisdom, setting your passions on fire, I’m telling you not only is it needed, but also well received and appreciated. Don’t change and if you do, only do it for the betterment of you and the little girl in you that will be proud of the girl you are now. You have come so far and still have so far to go. 

With Love, 

A womxn supporting women.