Supporting women is key to not only being a feminist, but also being a kind, caring, and fulfilled person. PHOTO COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Madison Glatfelter
HerCampus Secretary

As we grow up, most of us look towards our mother and/or sister to learn how to be a woman. We learn about females in history, see women in the workplace, meet female classmates, etc. but some have a larger impact than others. There are so many ways we can grow and learn how to boost other women in the same way you were hopefully taught. Below are a few ways you can help other woman recognize their value and worth in this world. 

1. Get involved in women-led events and activities. 

There are so many events that occur on campus that support local women and students on campus. For example, our club runs HerCarnival, a 2-hour event for promoting women’s empowerment and celebrating together. There are women’s conferences at the ware center as well as guest speakers through mentor collective. These are just a few things that have happened in the past month, not even the whole academic year. Clubs like CHAARG and Millersville Concerned Women lead many activities and events to empower women. 

2. Social media campaigns 

People are constantly posting about ways to lift women and fight for our rights. You can support by reposting, liking, commenting, and even pushing your own social media campaign. 

3. Buy from and utilize women-led businesses 

Try venturing into Lancaster city and nearby communities to shop in local businesses, especially ones that support women or are owned by women. This helps smaller businesses thrive and support their families, rather than buying from large corporations. 

4. Become a mentor for other women in your college or career field 

Being a mentor at Millersville has allowed me to pass along tips for success to other women on campus and make sure other women are thriving on campus. We have formed connections and built a bond that has proved to be beneficial for both of us!

5. Shout out and praise other women for their hard work and success 

Clubs like Her Campus are constantly supporting other women-based clubs and philanthropy groups in our local community. We often shout out members’ other involvements like volleyball and dance at Millersville. Even just liking and commenting praise to these social media shoutouts can have a positive impact! 

6. Know your rights and value, and teach younger women the same. 

You are a woman who should know how valuable and worthy she is. When you are able to recognize that potential and step into your power as a female, you need to push those feelings of worth and value down to younger girls. Be a role model for them and allow them to learn and grow from you. 

7. Compliment don’t comment! 

Kill others with kindness, negativity will not thrive if you maintain a positive approach. We should watch out for female accomplishments and success that allow us to praise women for their efforts. Make a woman’s day by giving a small compliment; little statements can go a big way! 

8. Set a good example 

All of us have some female role model who really stands out to us. Try your hardest to be that woman by working hard, striving for greatness, and giving your best. I believe in you and know hard work will help you flourish. 

Women really do run the world in my eyes. Never let negativity or sexism bring you down because you are a person in this world that is just as capable of greatness as any other.