A doll of Princess Bubblegum, a beloved character from Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time”, poses for the camera. PHOTO COURTESY OF FLICKR

Jake Long
Associate Opinion Editor

Princess Bubblegum’s royalty status goes from her role as Princess of the Candy Kingdom in Adventure Time to being the queen of all female cartoon characters. She does not follow the average princess storyline where the main goal is to find a prince. In most stories, the prince is the one who must prove to her that he is worthy of her hand, but Princess Bubblegum has no time for such pleasantries because she is too busy doing everything herself. 

She rules over her subjects with tender care that switches to protection whenever they are threatened. She keeps a level head in all situations because she knows that the other characters in the show look to her for leadership, which she sometimes takes advantage of. Yet, she keeps her personal aspirations in mind through her scientific work and her on-again-off-again relationship with Marceline the Vampire Queen. Not only is Princess Bubblegum the best female cartoon character, but she is also a great representation of a strong woman. 

Princess Bubblegum is the creator and ruler of the Candy Kingdom, so she has a special place in her heart that requires the utmost care. Everything in the Candy Kingdom is made of candy, from the people to the roads to the weapons. When Princess Bubblegum made her kingdom, she wanted her subjects to have a sense of familiarity with their surroundings so they never had to question how or why they were the way they were, yet she gave them consciousness so they could enjoy the existence she made for them. There are constant celebrations happening in the Candy Kingdom, an ode to Princess Bubblegum’s fun-loving yet powerful nature. 

What makes Princess Bubblegum so great is that she switches into fighting mode as soon as a threat arises against her kingdom. She is not afraid to use every invention she has at her disposal to eliminate her enemies for the sake of her people. 

Her number one enemy is the Ice King, whom she repels with the help of Finn and Jake. Sometimes, the Ice King outwits her and kidnaps her, but she has such a good relationship with Finn and Jake that they come to rescue her no matter the situation. For enemies that prove too much for her alone, she leads giant, gumball machine men against them, which shows that she is humble enough to recognize when she needs help. 

Princess Bubblegum always comes equipped with a witty plan. She is constantly thinking about the next step and the step beyond that. Whether that be through strategic positioning of her allies or a well place chemical trap, she always seems to know what to do, which is why all the characters trust her judgment. This power gets to her head at times, and she refuses to alter her plans, whether they be battle plans or party plans, even when there’s clearly a better way. This causes conflict between the protagonists, which Princess Bubblegum often eases by apologizing for her mistakes. She shows great humility in the face of her flaws, which is a very admirable trait.

Despite her responsibilities, Princess Bubblegum develops a relationship with Marceline the Vampire Queen throughout the show. Their relationship has many ups and downs, just like any normal relationship, which they work out by communicating. They each have their own demanding lives that require the utmost attention, so to keep a healthy relationship, they must have immense trust in each other. Princess Bubblegum’s relationship shows that love is always possible as long as the people involved have respect for each other. 

Although she is only a cartoon character, Princess Bubblegum is a deeply layered female figure who shows viewers that it is possible to be a ruthless leader with an even stronger emotional side. She finds a balance between her commitment to her candy subjects and her personal aspirations, those being love and science. She also acknowledges that she has imperfections and does her best to work through them with the help of others. All around, Princess Bubblegum lives by a moral code that should be studied by all.