By: Justin Staggers

Sports Editor

For the first Athlete of the Week of the Spring 2023 semester, we have The Snapper’s own, Ava Adiletti. She is a sophomore here at Millersville, originally from Roxbury, Connecticut. Ava is a Sports Journalism and Media Arts Production major, and she is minoring in coaching. 

Ava is a member of the Millersville women’s swim team. Last weekend, she and her team competed in the John. A Pidgeon invitational tournament that was held at IUP. The tournament was a huge success, as Millersville swimming secured five personal bests and two wins as a collective team. Ava also qualified for the PSAC championship meet this past weekend, looking to cap off what has been a great season for the team. 

We talked to Ava about her success in the pool as well as the classroom and how she manages that. 

Ava Adiletti (third from the left) talks with her team at the 2022 PSAC Championships. Photo Courtesy of Millersville Athletics

Q: How long have you been swimming for?

A: I have been swimming since I was seven, so about 12 years now. 

Q: What event do you participate in or which is your favorite?

A: I do breaststroke, and my favorite is the 100 yard breastroke

Q: Why did you choose Millersville University?

A: It was one of only schools that had a swim team and offered my major (Sports journalism). I also really liked the coaching philosophy of Eric Usbeck. 

Q: Do you have a pre-match ritual? If so, what is it?

A: I just like to talk with teammates and goof around. It helps when I’m nervous. 

Q: Do you ever get nervous before competing? If so, how do you manage it?

A: It has definitely gotten better but I still get nervous for competitions. The best way for me to manage it is to not think too much about it and be with my team, laughing and joking around.

Q: What are your personal goals this season and/or goals as a collective team?

A: Personal: Continue to drop time in events, especially breaststroke

As a Team: Continue to be supportive of one another, encouraging and being there for each other, even when we don’t have the best swim.

Q: How do you manage your time as a student athlete as well as an editor for The Snapper?

A: I definitely was nervous at first about becoming an editor for The Snapper. I wasn’t sure if I could manage it. Thankfully, I did join. It is all about finding time in between class and practice to get everything done.

Q: Is there any athlete that inspired you when you were younger?

A: Caleb Dressel – he is a younger swimmer, so it was cool to see him growing up with me. He became the face of swimming after Phelps retired. He is very humble and is a huge advocate for mental health in sports.

Q: What is the toughest part of being a student athlete?

A: I would say that not getting as much time off on breaks can be tough sometimes. Also, I am from Connecticut, so my family is not always able to attend all of the meets. 

Q: What would you say to your younger self?
A: “Your hard work paid off and to keep going. Don’t let others negatively influence how hard you work.”