Photo Courtesy of Flickr. Millersville University gets a flat-rate tuition.

Justin Staggers
Sports Editor

Starting in Fall 2024, undergraduate students at Millersville University will pay the same price for tuition regardless of if they are taking 12 credits or 18 credits each semester. 

The move was approved by the Board of Governors on Sept. 8, and was announced to students last Thursday via an email from Gail E. Gasparich, the University Provost and Chief Academic Officer.

In 2014, many Pennsylvania state schools adopted the per-credit model, where students pay depending on how many credits they take per academic semester. 

Dr. Daniel Wubah, President of Millersville University, weighed in on the change in a recent post from Millersville blogs: “Going back to a flat rate tuition model will allow our students to take up to 18 credits per semester at the cost of 12. By taking 15 credits every semester, students can graduate in 4 years. This move will make us more competitive to recruit new students and retain current students.”

Millersville also has plans to increase the number of scholarships and grants available to students at the University, another move which could help save students money long term. 

While the move helps students who are residents of Pennsylvania, out-of-state students have voiced their concerns. 

“I just don’t get why tuition is going down for in-state but not for out-of-state students. It would be nice if they would knock my tuition down too,” said Katelyn Auty.

Auty is a junior at Millersville University who is originally from Delaware. 

“This move will help our students and their families struggling with the rising cost of living,” said Dr. Wubah