Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Cavalcante gets captured after days on the run.

Abigail Manbeck
News Editor

Recently, a murderer named Danelo Cavalcante who was imprisoned in Chester County Prison escaped. Having been on the run since Aug. 31, he was finally captured on Sept. 13.

      Police captured him using thermal heat that was from an aircraft. He was then completely pinned down by a United States border patrol dog named Yoda.

He was seen carrying a stolen small caliber weapon and was roaming through the woods. In the process of being captured, he was trying to resist, but the capture was successful. 

      Cavalcante was incarcerated and sentenced to life in prison back in August for first-degree murder for the stabbing of a previous girlfriend. 

It was discovered on surveillance footage that he was crab-walking up the walls of the prison. The guard who was supposed to be on duty missed the whole situation and was later fired.

     Due to this incident happening, changes have been immediately put into place, so things like this will hopefully never happen again. The people of Chester County, Pennsylvania are no longer to be afraid or on the lookout.