Sofi Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Chargers, was filled with robots during their week one matchup against the Miami Dolphins. Photo courtesy of Arturo63/WikiCommons

Justin Staggers

Sports Editor

This past weekend marks the return of the NFL for fans across the world. Millions will watch from home and pack into the crowded stadiums ahead of the week one matchup.  Imagine you just got to the game, grabbed a hot dog and a drink, and went to find your seats before the game started. You find your section and sit down next to some people wearing Chargers jerseys. Except they aren’t real people, they are robots.

Despite all the fireworks from the Chargers and Dolphins on the field, these robots in the stands seemed to gather even more attention than the incredible game itself. 

As it turns out, they were strategically placed to promote a new movie titled “The Creator.” This is not the first time film companies have used professional sports as a method of promotion for upcoming films.

Last year, we saw people (real people albeit) attend various games to promote a film titled “Smile.” In this campaign, the actors would attend the games and sit in the stands with a creepy, wide grinned smile throughout the entirety of the game. This went viral on social media and helped to boost the ticket sales of the film.

The makers of “The Creator” hope to have that same effect with their marketing campaign ahead of their Sept. 29 release.

Hopefully this is the only time they deploy these robots, because I would not want to sit next to one when I go and see the movie at the theater. But if they’re willing to place them at sporting events, I don’t think I want to know what else they have planned.