Katelyn Auty

Head Copy Editor

Social Media Editor

Marauder Graphics is a small screen printing club here at Millersville University. They work with other clubs and organizations to create designs and print them on various items, the most common of these being t-shirts. Members don’t have to be part of the design process, however.

Some other parts of the process include the actual printing, and even just watching things go through the dryer. The club comprises people with many majors, including Education and Biology, so there’s a little something for everyone within the process.

“There are several different parts of the screen printing process,” says Marauder Graphics secretary Ally Bowman. “If you absolutely hate design, you can completely stay away from that aspect of it.”

Don’t be concerned about not knowing how to do any of the process, however. Bowman emphasized that the necessary skills can be taught and the members are very willing to help out. And if that’s not enough to convince you, they also have free Sugar Bowl pizza at their meetings. 

Interested in joining? Marauder Graphics president Kylee Dwinal has some advice: “Don’t wear your favorite clothes. It will get messy.”

Meetings are held every Thursday at 5 p.m. in Osburn Hall. Those interested in more information should reach out to the Marauder Graphics Instagram (@maraudergraphics) or attend a meeting.