Jason Kelce (right) pictured with former Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz. Photo courtesy of Joe Glorioso/Wikicommons

Ava Adiletti
Features Editor

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce was ready to hang up his cleats after 12 seasons playing in the NFL.

On Sept. 12, a documentary was released on Amazon Prime which was meant to document Kelce’s transition into retirement. This documentary is directed by Don Arogott and produced by Connor Barwin, Larry Platt, Sheena M. Joyce, and Don Argott. The film stars Jason, his brother Travis, his wife Kylie, his children, his mom, and various friends.

Kelce talks about his journey into the NFL including his high school career, playing at the University of Cincinnati, and getting drafted by the Eagles. The documentary takes an in-depth look at Kelce’s life as a father, husband, and NFL player all in one. He talks about and shares the struggles of being a professional athlete. Also showcased is his podcast with his brother, which has gotten pretty popular. The emotional aspects of this film were high. You also watch Kelce struggle with making the decision to retire, be away from his family during important events, and even lose a Super Bowl.

Travis Kelce, Jason’s younger brother, plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, and in 2022, the Eagles and Chiefs played against each other in the Super Bowl. After Jason and the Eagles won the NFC championship game, he quickly left the field to go watch his brother play and win the AFC championship game. This would be the first time in NFL history that a pair of siblings would play against each other in the Super Bowl. To make the Super Bowl even more of a family affair, Donna Kelce, Jason and Travis’ mom, quickly rose to fame and became the center of attention as she prepared to root for her sons, both playing for different teams. 

The film truly focused on how much of an impact Donna Kelce’s fame had on the boys. They were both so happy for their mom, and it showed how much love they have for her.

Jason Kelce’s family was also heavily documented. Kelce lives with his wife Kylie and they share three daughters Elliot, Wyatt, and Bennett. In the documentary, Kylie is pregnant with their third child, Bennett, and is due to give birth just days after the Super Bowl. This prompted Kylie to bring her on with her as she watched her husband take the field in the big game.

After a tough loss to none other than his brother, Kelce makes a stop at the hotel where his family is staying. For me, this part of the film was one of the most emotional. The scene consisted of Jason laying on the bed with his kids after just losing the Super Bowl. Kylie is seen standing in the corner with tears in her eyes as she sees how much love Jason has for them. To be able to play with your kids after losing the biggest game of your career is something Kylie truly appreciated.

At the end of the film, Jason is forced to come to a decision as to whether he is going to play in the upcoming season. Being older is one of the biggest struggles Kelce talks about. Kelce emphasizes that he wants to be able to have a life after football and be able to be a good father and play with his young children. After much consideration, Kelce decided that he wasn’t done yet and was going to play one more year. Overall, I truly recommend this documentary for any sports fans. This film took an NFL player and personalized him in a way we don’t see. Jason Kelce continues to be one of the most popular players in the NFL and even after he leaves the game, I can guarantee his legacy will not be forgotten.