Katelyn Auty

Head Copy Editor

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On Wednesday, Oct. 18, Brooks, Millersville University Police Department’s trauma K-9, celebrated his first birthday. There was a party, appropriately held on Brooks Field, to celebrate the pup. The Millersville University Store was there selling limited edition shirts that featured Brooks on the back. A portion of the proceeds from the shirts went to the MUPD Trauma Dog fund.

Brooks’ siblings, all of whom are trauma or service dogs, were in attendance to celebrate their first birthday as well.

Many students and faculty gathered at Brooks Field to give love to Brooks and his canine party guests. The support from the community touched Officer Ivan Gonzalez, Brooks’ handler.

“I didn’t know how unifying he would be,” said Officer Gonzalez. “A lot of people came today, a lot of people know it’s happening and they can’t make it. But, they all know who he is. And when we go through campus, everyone’s like ‘Oh, that’s Brooks!’ and it’s an identity for Millersville University so much as it is just for the community at large.”

Brooks has a six-year contract with the MUPD before he retires, and Officer Gonzalez says he hopes every year is as good, if not better, than this past year. 

“I hope that this never stops,” Officer Gonzalez said. “This energy, this just constant appreciation for Brooks and Brooks’ appreciation of everyone that comes in contact with him.”

If you’re interested in learning more about and supporting Brooks, you may go to www.millersville.edu/pdtraumadog. To stay updated on his adventures, he can be found on Instagram @brooks_mupd.

Brooks chews on a toy birthday cake. PHOTO COURTESY OF BROOKS_MUPD ON INSTAGRAM