Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Israel is in war due to these attacks.

Abigail Manbeck
News Editor

Recently, the Middle Eastern country Israel is under attack. Palestinian group Hamas has shown themselves more than ever before. The militant group has gone into the Gaza Strip and wreaked havoc. It all started on a normal Saturday where civilians were just enjoying themselves at a music festival and doing other weekend things, in Gaza. All of a sudden, Hamas came through and attacked, killed, and held captive many civilians. 

      More than 260 people were killed that day alone. Hamas set off airstrikes and many people at the music festival heard the sounds of rockets, and could even see some of them. This was just moments before the festival goers and other civilians were attacked. 

      Hamas has been destroying Israel and its people for many days now, and there does not appear to be any signs of them slowing down. Many buildings including apartments and other places of work and residence have been destroyed and people continuously have been killed and held captive. 

      Families of their lost loved ones are frantic not knowing what has happened to their family member or in some cases, learning the tragedies of what has happened to them. Many American families and families around the world are worried about the people they know and care about. There are as many as 22 Americans killed in this Israel-Hamas War with many others yet to be discovered.

      People around the world are shocked by what is happening in Israel. In response to the recent attack, U.S. President Joe Biden made an official statement, acknowledging the Oct. 7 Hamas incident as, “the bloodiest day for Jews since the Holocaust.”