Abigail Manbeck / Snapper. Poster in the Upper Deck explaining the new change.

Abigail Manbeck
News Editor

Recently, there have been some major changes at the Upper Deck. For a very long time, the Upper Deck was using plastic utensils, paper and plastic plates, and paper cups. Some of this was because of COVID.

Now, many years later, the Upper Deck has decided to try and be more sustainable and go back to a different way of things. The cafeteria has started using actual silverware, plates, and cups. There is no more throwing away of these items. Trash cans do not even seem to visibly exist in the cafeteria. All garbage is to be put with the plates, cups, and silverware and put on a conveyor belt that goes back to the kitchen dishwasher area.

However, none of the other eating areas like the Galley or the Anchor seem to be following suit. This is probably because they do not have the resources, like a dishwashing area, to be able to have reusable items. 

Many people that I have talked to are split between happy about the change and not so happy. For those who are not happy about this change, I regret to inform you that I believe this change is here to stay for the foreseeable future.