Photo courtesy of BNN. Kelce and Swift during the Chiefs football game.

Hunter Trawitz
Staff Writer

Famous pop singer Taylor Swift has been seen getting close to Kansas City Chiefs star tight end, Travis Kelce. Taylor Swift has attended four of Kelce’s professional football games. The two have also been seen together on Saturday Night Live.

The first reported interaction between the two was July 8 where Kelce attended Swift’s “Eras Tour” concert in Kansas City. He attempted to give her a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it.

Things then spiraled out of control when Swift was at Arrowhead Stadium as the Chiefs played the Chicago Bears on Sept. 24. Swift took over the broadcast, as she was shown numerous times throughout the game. 

Swift drew attention during game coverage again on Oct. 1, when the Chiefs traveled to take on the New York Jets. Fans had much to say about this media coverage.

“I personally dislike the attention because I sit down to watch football and instead, half of the game I hear about Taylor Swift,” says Mitchell Fulkrod, a sophomore at Millersville University.

Taylor Swift’s most recent appearances at Arrowhead were on Oct. 12 where the Chiefs played the Denver Broncos, and again on Oct. 22 where the Chiefs played the Los Angeles Chargers.

“As a Taylor fan, even I think it’s a little much. How would I feel if every time I watched the Grammys and Taylor won an award Travis came on the stage with her? I’d be annoyed. It’s about her accomplishments not his. So I get the annoyance of every time Travis scores a touchdown the camera goes to Taylor,” says Katie Nardella, a junior at Millersville University.

Kelce has shown that he plays better with Swift in attendance. He averages 108 receiving yards when she is there, and only 46.5 when she is not. His jersey sales have also increased by 400 percent since Swift started cheering him on.

The Instagram account @swiftiesofville, a Millersville community of Swifties with 678 followers, expresses their opinion on the past events between Taylor and Travis.

 “I think that as long as she’s happy, it’s really great for her. Travis Kelce seems like a great guy and I hope they’re very happy,” said @swiftiesofville.

 The account was created two years ago to connect Swifties throughout the Millersville campus by making posts that combine aspects of Millersville campus life and Swift.

Fans of Swift can look forward to the re-release of her album “1989” on Oct. 27 and the international leg of her “Eras Tour” Nov. 9 In Argentina. Fans of Kelce can look forward to the rest of the NFL season with their next opponent being the Miami Dolphins on Nov. 5.