Enterprise Editions

A digital version of our latest “enterprise editions” can be found below. The articles in each section below are published in our print version of the paper, but we wanted to also create a cohesive online version. Each image below will be linked to a story in its respective topic, so click away to read through!

November 7, 2019 — “Fall edition?? UnbeLEAFable!”

There’s a reason why Fall is a seasonal fan favorite. F. Scott Fitzgerald once said (but only once. He never said it ever again): “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” We adhere to this way of thinking as well. Fall is not just about pumpkin spice lattes and sweaters; it’s also about making changes and going forward with new beginnings. 

We wanted to create an edition that encapsulates the spirit of this time of year by finding some of the best fall things. We showcase fall beers, the best places to hike around Millersville, delicious autumn soups, and spooky creative flash fiction stories.

If the fall feelings haven’t quite hit you yet, this Enterprise edition is a great way to get into those seasonal vibes.

Reading through this edition of The Snapper is like stepping into your own personal Autumn guidebook to all things crispy, chilly, and spooky.

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Our news associates also did a fall-flavored snack taste test to find the best pumpkin spice treat:

Chloe Barrett/Snapper

October 3, 2019 — “What do we owe each other”

In The Good Place, “what do we owe each other” is a lecture that Chidi Anagonye (one of the main characters) gives that ends up inspiring the others to find the best versions of themselves.

Inspired by The Good Place (a popular show on NBC created by Michael Schur), this inaugural enterprise edition asks one important question: “what do we owe to each other?”

Extrapolating this question to practical terms, we tried to focus on things answering two questions: “what are we doing for each other?” and “why are we doing it for each other?” By answering these questions we can start to see where problems are formed and how to address them.

Let’s think of an example to demonstrate this. When thinking of campus safety, if we ask “what” we are doing to keep each other safe, we can come up with a few things that are currently put in place: the blue emergency call boxes around campus, police patrols, drunk driving accountability, and taking care of each other at parties. But by asking “why,” we can get closer to finding out how these problems start. Part of the why is asking “why do we even have to do this nice thing?”

If a nice thing is being done, it usually means it’s being done to eliminate some problem. It may be nice to see someone picking up trash on the side of the road in their free time, but they wouldn’t have to even do that if someone else didn’t litter. The stories below reflect the same idea: we wanted to highlight good things going around campus but also explore the problems behind why they are being done.

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A group of media students also created a video to go along with this enterprise theme! It’s full of memes and students answering funny questions about if they would risk their safety to save their friends:

Interviewer – Cindy Sanchez
Videographer/editor – Sophia Maya