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The purpose of The Snapper shall be to disseminate Millersville University and the surrounding community news concerning students, faculty, administration and staff in an unbiased and unprejudiced manner and to facilitate expression of the attitudes and ideas of the student body and faculty, administration and staff.

—The Snapper Constitution

The Snapper publishes 6-8 issues per semester, delivered to newsstands Wednesday evening for the Thursday edition. Our newspapers are currently located in the following places:


The Snapper invites any and all contributions from students, faculty and staff of Millersville University, and we accept staff applications regardless of major. If you'd like to join, please click on the apply page at the top of the screen.

Our office: SMC 015

We renovated our office over the summer in 2019, adding new furniture, lights, and decorations. After more than a few years of neglect, we cleaned everything, opened up the space by rearranging the furniture, and added a lounge area to provide comfort for our editors and visitors.

Executive team

Shaun Lucas (he/him)

Editor- in-Chief

Hello everyone! I've been involved with the Snapper since arriving at MU in Fall 2019. Throughout these last four years, I have worked as a staff writer, Associate News Editor, Associate Opinion Editor, Opinion Editor, and currently as Editor-in-Chief. This year marks my second year acting as EIC, and I am thrilled to see how our team can continue to progress both as media workers and people. Every iteration of the Snapper staff I have worked with has been filled with some of the most talented individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with and/or leading. Watching writers improve with every article I read by them is by far the most rewarding part of my position. I am a marketing major working for a minor certification in journalism. I hope to continue learning about journalism through The Snapper until I graduate this spring!

Morgan Huber (she/her)

Managing Editor

Hey, readers! I am a junior at Millersville studying Social Studies Education. Since joining the Snapper in Fall 2021, I’ve quickly worked my way through the ranks, starting as a staff writer before my promotion to associate opinion editor, Opinion Editor, and now Managing Editor! In my current position, I oversee the website and layout, as well as the logistical side of our publication (+ preventing our other editors from going insane from all the hard work they do!). While working for the campus newspaper, I have had the opportunity to meet so many great people with unique and intriguing ideas, and I cannot wait to put my voice and others’ out there in upcoming articles. When I’m not writing, I’m … writing! In my free time, I love to snuggle up with a squishmallow and a cup of coffee and type away. I love history, politics, popular culture, and Marvel comics, so bring any of those up and I’ll probably talk your ear off. I also enjoy music, movies (especially sci-fi and John Hughes flicks!), and seeing new places and new people, wherever life takes me! I have loved every moment of my time with The Snapper so far, and I anticipate all the exciting adventures that await me here. Happy reading!

Our amazing editors

Olivia Heilemann (she/her)

News Editor

Hi friends! My name is Liv and I am a sophomore majoring in Digital Journalism. I began working for the Snapper last fall as a Staff Writer and I am now the News Editor. In my free time, I like to read, watch TV, and play Just Dance with Maddy, the Associate Photography Editor. I’m also a big fan of horror movies and books, and you’ll often find me enthusing about the Conjuring movies! I am always interested in the events happening around me, and I am thankful to be in an environment with some of my best friends to guide me and help me grow as a writer. I’m excited to see what the semester brings and I can’t wait to start writing!

Tyresha Vaughan-Blanding (she/her)

Opinion Editor

Hey everyone! My name is Tyresha and I began my Snapper journey in Spring 2021. I’m a senior majoring in Digital Journalism. What I enjoy most about being a journalist is creating content I would like to read. Some hobbies I have outside of writing include napping, designing graphics, and playing video games on my Playstation.

Whitney Walmer (she/her)

Arts and Culture Editor

Hello! My name is Whitney, and I began my journey with Millersville University of Fall 2020. I am an English and Digital Journalism major. Some things that I love to do in my free time are cooking, baking, hiking, watching movies, and hanging out with my friends. I love getting to write about what I am passionate about, gain experience, and hangout with cool people while doing it.

Trevor Teubner (he/him)

Sports Editor

Hello, my name is Trevor! I’m a senior at Millersville majoring in sports journalism. This will be my second year working for the Snapper. I previously worked as an associate sports editor, but I took over as the main sports editor last year. Being the sports editor, of course I love writing about sports, but if I had to pick a certain topic, it would probably be covering the school sports. Sports are a big hobby of mine outside of the Snapper as well, but I also enjoy hanging out with friends and family and sleeping. I am hopeful that my experiences here will help become an even better writer and help me in my future career!

Katelyn Auty (she/her)

Copy Editor

Hi, I’m Katelyn. I’m a sophomore English Education major here at Millersville. This is my first year as part of The Snapper. My favorite part of being an editor is telling people that they’re wrong. Seriously, though, I view editing The Snapper as practice for those long days of editing papers that I’ll have as a teacher. Outside of The Snapper, I enjoy making Spotify playlists, watching TV and movies, and hanging out with my friends. I look forward to this semester!

Kat Delaney (she/they)

Photography Editor & Social Media Coordinator

Hi, my name is Kat. I’m a senior Psychology major and Criminology minor. I’ve been a member of The Snapper since my first semester here at Ville joining back in the fall of 2019. Originally I was just an associate Photographer, but by the end of the year I took up the Head Photographer position. I became the Social Media Coordinator during the fall of 2020 as a way to stay involved while being at home. When I’m not taking photos for the Snapper, I’ll typically be at work here at Ville in Admissions or just around campus with friends. I look forward to seeing how the Snapper will evolve and change this year as it does with each new group and leave it in capable hands when I graduate this spring.

Maddy Smith (she/her)

Associate Photography Editor

Hey I’m Maddy, I joined The Snapper Fall of ‘22 as a freshman and am now a sophomore. I am a Fine Arts major with a focus in photography. My favorite part of taking photos for The Snapper was definitely the zodiac shoot we did last spring. It was also a huge learning experience for me since I have never taken photos professionally before. Outside of taking photos for The Snapper you will find me in Breidenstine Hall at ungodly hours finishing an art project. Excited to see what we do this semester!

University (he/they)


Hey, I’m University, the official Snapper mascot. I love the campus newspaper so much, you can spot my neck and bottom tattoos of the Snapper logo if you look closely.I provide amusement, photo opportunities, and judging glances.You can catch me on the cover of many of our issues, the magazine and all over our socials. You can often find me in the Snapper office peeking absentmindedly out the window. For those who are into astrology, I’m an Aquarius sun, Leo moon, and a Scorpio rising.

^ Full editor biographies can be found on each section's page, accessed through the main menu at the top of the page ^

Social media & business team

Kat Delaney

Social Media Coordinator

Our wonderful faculty advisor

Dr. Robert Spicer

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Robert N. Spicer, Associate Professor of Communication at Millersville University, is the faculty advisor for The Snapper. His primary area of research is in media and political culture. His dissertation, which he defended in June of 2014 at the Rutgers University School of Communication & Information, is titled The Discourses and Practices of Political Deception: From Campaigns to Cable to the Courts.
Spicer’s secondary area of research is in emerging media and philosophy of technology. His research has been published in books and journals such as Techne: Research in Philosophy and Technology and the Journal of Media Education. He also authored the book Free Speech and False Speech: Political Deception and its Legal Limits (or lack thereof) for Palgrave (April 2018).

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